About Us

About TherapySpa
TherapySpa is a holistic health and wellness clinic dedicated to serving the mental, emotional and physical needs of our clients. When it comes to our health, the mind, body and spirit go hand in hand, which is why we’ve developed a non-conventional approach to therapy, including:
  • Brain training for students, adults and athletes
  • Relationship and wellness coaching
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Educational advocacy
  • Ionic therapy and reflexology
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About the Founder
Joseph Hines, LMSW, is the founder and clinical director of TherapySpa. Trained as a clinical social worker, Joseph has spent much of his time assessing and working with children in the school setting, focusing on their ability to learn and function. He has practiced social work in the corporate and non-profit sectors, gaining more than 17 years in education as a behavioral specialist. Harnessing these years of experience, Joseph founded an educational program encouraging learning in non-traditional ways through cognitive brain training and other research-based modalities.