Cognitive Brain Therapy

The human brain works similarly to a clock, controlling every function of the body with precise timing and synchronization. As the brain ages, its timing can become disrupted due to various reasons (i.e. age, learning disabilities, trauma, etc.), causing difficulty in the following areas:
  • Focusing
  • Staying on task
  • Reading and spelling
  • Memory
  • Problem-solving
  • Making associations
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Planning
At TherapySpa, we’ve developed a specialized cognitive brain training program to enhance your cognitive skills and reset your brain’s internal “clock”. One of the primary tools we use to accomplish this is the Interactive Metronome, a research-based cognitive enhancement tool designed to improve:
  • Focus and concentration
  • Balance and gait
  • Motor control
  • Coordination
  • Motor planning and sequencing
  • Mental speed and accuracy
  • Strength and endurance
  • Language processing
  • Behavior (aggression and impulsivity)
Book a consultation with us to learn more about our specialized brain training program for students, athletes and adults.