Cognitive Brain Therapy for Athletes

Sports are 80% mental and 20% physical. Although many coaches have made this statement, their athletic training typically involves more physical than mental conditioning. In fact, studies show that athletes spend less than 10% of their training time on mental training! But shouldn’t the method in which athletes are trained be more reflective of the percentages above? We think so. Actually, we know so. Timing and rhythm play a very key role in athletic performance. For this reason alone, it is important for athletes to focus on strengthening their cognitive “muscles” to enhance their coordination, focus and mental endurance, all of which can significantly improve their athletic performance. Our specialized cognitive brain training program involves some of the most advanced cognitive enhancement technology that has proven to benefit athletes in the following areas:
  • Focus and concentration
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Motor control and coordination
  • Motor planning and sequencing
  • Mental speed and accuracy
If you’re an athlete or the parent of an athlete who needs mental conditioning to help improve athletic performance, book a consultation with us to learn more about our specialized cognitive brain training program.