Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Imagine getting a therapeutic pedicure that can pull toxins from the inside of your body. That’s the ionic detox foot bath — a wellness service we offer to help you eliminate harmful toxins, heavy metals and stored waste from your body.

During an ionic detox foot bath session, which generally lasts 25-30 minutes, your feet are immersed in a warm, soothing foot bath containing an ionic system that reenergizes your blood cells and energizes your bodily systems. The ionic technique of cleansing through the feet provides a full-body purge, contributing to faster healing and injury recovery.

This form of detox therapy is safe for anyone over the age of 10 (with the exception of those who wear a pacemaker or have seizures), and is especially recommended for people who take a lot of medication and are unable to release stored toxins due to having an overworked liver, spleen and/or kidney functions. If you would like to schedule a consultation to start your detoxification, call TherapySpa today!