Stress is the root cause of most -- if not all -- human health problems. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety and/or depression, relationship issues, or a physical ailment, we’re here to help you identify and tackle the root cause through our holistic wellness services and treatments.

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A Holistic Wellness Oasis

Therapy that treats the whole person...

At Therapyspa, we provide a non-traditional approach to therapy by treating our clients from a holistic rather than a symptomatic standpoint. Since our mental, emotional and physical health are all interconnected, we utilize a variety of holistic therapy techniques and treatments that equally address the needs of the mind and the body.

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Because Therapy Should Be a Safe Haven…
Not a Stigma.

Many people shy away from the idea of going to therapy due to various misconceptions and stigmas surrounding mental health. 

People who do decide to give therapy a try may find the traditional “pen and notepad” approach to be more intimidating than welcoming. 

Therapyspa was created to break the negative perception of therapy by providing a relaxed, spa-like environment and unique wellness experience to people looking for mental, emotional and/or physical relief. 

Mental & Emotional Therapy

Relationship Coaching

Physical Wellness Treatments

Our mental health and wellness services include:

Before Joseph Hines founded TherapySpa, he was a social worker for the school district. During the recession, he was laid off for 10 months and began thinking of ways to support his wife and three boys. After returning to work for the school district for another two years, Joseph started his private practice, FirstPlan Health Services, six months prior to quitting his full-time job. His vision was to offer therapy services in a unique way that would address the needs of the whole person beyond the mental.

Joseph Hines, LMSW

Founder & Clinical Director of TherapySpa


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